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Phone: 409-295-3872
For grades: All grades (K-12)
Requirements for live visit: ONLY AN AREA OF 40 x 40 OR LESS IS NEEDED
Fees for live visit: CALL FOR FEES ????


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With GOD all things are positive

The Professional Ropeskipping Elite Team contributes a variety of advantages through rope skipping for all ages within a diverse environment. During each performance, students, teachers, and parents would be allowed to participate and enjoy learning about Double-dutch, free-styles, Chinese wheel, synchronized routines, and a demonstration of all basic, intermediate, advance demonstration tricks. Also at the same time we perform while bring the students a message to be positive about life, stress, problem solving, and most of all staying healthy and fit.
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We the members of The Professional Ropeskipping Elite Team (P.R.E.T. Inc.) entertain and promote rope skipping as a sport while incorporating a dynamic performance and encouraging health and fitness.

During each performance, students and teachers participate and enjoy learning with enthusiasm about their well being. Double Dutch, free-styles, synchronized choreographed routines keep the crowds undivided attention at all times. From Sweden to Denmank, Holland to France, from Paris to China, Alaska and Japan, our profession has allowed us to travel from coast to coast throughout the United States and Europe while teaching and endorsing fitness and health.

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