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Phone: 1-877 -583-9386
For grades: Pre-school through grade 5.
Requirements for live visit: For overnight stays please provide comfortable lodging in a motel or b&b.
Fees for live visit: Rates start at $400 for one assembly, with discounts for multiple programs on the same day and block booking.
Funding: Funding for Residencies available through the NH State Council on the Arts. Funding for programs outside of NH available through New England States Touring.


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Do your students and yourself a favor and spend some time with Judy Pancoast. Your collective lives will be much enriched and you won't be able to get her songs out of your head!
--- Barbara Packales, Elementary Music Specialist, MSAD 11

Judy offers five Literacy Through Music programs specifically for elementary school children.

Reading Our Way Across The USA,  2-5

Judy's Grammy nominated "Weird Things are Everywhere!" CD comes to life in a multi-media stage presentation.  Buckle up and join Judy as we make our way out from Maine across the US on a road trip that includes upbeat songs, tons of interaction and dancing and a great geography lesson! Judy engages children in a musical literary adventure taking them from Make Way for Ducklings in Boston, to Balto in Alaska and everywhere in between. What is the only state in the Union where you can tour a REAL legitimate royal palace? In which state can you sit and watch thousands of bats fly out from a cave every evening? Where can you visit Laura Ingalls' Wilder's homestead? Learn the answers to these questions and more when you read your way across the USA with Judy Pancoast! Approximately one hour. This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Social Sciences/Geography, Language Arts and Fine Arts.


Judy Pancoast Speaks Out on Bullying

The hour begins with a half hour of Judy's original songs...then, Judy quiets things down as she begins to discuss what bullying is.  She tells the students the story of a little girl who was bullied from the time she entered school, and how painful it was for this girl, and, as she grew older, how she coped with it.  The students, without fail, are spellbound.  The story, of course, has a happy ending as Judy admits that the little girl in the story is her.  Judy includes advice for bullying victims as well as suggestions for those who find themselves guilty of bullying behavior.  A very powerful presentation from a bullying survivor.


Once Upon a Time Concert Assembly, K-3:

Designed to "get kids into books", this concert tells the musical tale of a Princess who wanted to do more than "lead the Princess life," and decides to read every book in the Kingdom Library. Songs are lively, interactive, and point children toward the different sections of the library, from fiction to non-fiction, nursery rhymes to biographies. Approximate time, 45 minutes. This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Language Arts and Fine Arts.


Take Me to Your Reader Concert Assembly, K-3:

This concert is designed to build enthusiasm for books and reading, it revolves around a friendly alien who comes to earth to learn to read. Featuring lively, interactive songs which are extensions of popular children's literature, including "Wild One," based on Where the Wild Things Are, "Ladybug, Ladybug" inspired by The Very Grouchy Ladybug and "Try, Try" featuring a chorus of "I think I can, I think I can" from The Little Engine that Could. Approximate time, 45 minutes. This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Language Arts and Fine Arts.

Literacy through Music-Song Writing ResidencyWorkshops, K-5:

Judy has designed a songwriting residency which enhances and broadens students' concept of writing while using the processes familiar from the classroom. Using a variety of writing strategies, and working with groups of 40 or so students, Judy guides the children through a creative musical experience that is challenging and exciting. Every child takes part in the process and in the end, is a true composer of the lyrics and melody. Students develop a rudimentary understanding of the song writing process. They use the vocabulary of song writing, including "rhyme", "meter", "verse," "pattern" and "chorus." They brainstorm to develop the idea and "hook" of the song and will participate in the revision process. It is suggested that schools organize the residency into "songwriting chains," in which two or more groups of students work in successive workshop sessions on the creation of one song. This teamwork approach is ideal for grade levels working on shared thematic units. Each workshop group's experience culminates in an afternoon assembly-style concert, where the children, accompanied by Judy, perform their new songs. Of course, Judy will perform some of her fan favorites for the assembly too.On the final day of the residency, the children and Judy will perform a special evening concert for their families and friends.

Also available...

Judy Pancoast is the Real Thing in children's entertainers: a person who is clearly there because she loves kids and enjoys interacting with them.  With degrees in Music and Education, she has crafted school assembly programs which enrich, educate and entertain while keeping within the boundaries of curriculum and appropriate school behavior.  Her assembly management skills are second to none.

Judy's 2011 Grammy nominated CD, "Weird Things are Everywhere!", is now available as a multi-media stage show assembly which takes students across the USA in search of real-life connections to children's literature, cool places to visit, and just plain weird things!  It is ideal for grades 2-4 but is also enjoyed by younger and older children.

Judy's song The House on Christmas Street has become a international sensation and a perennial holiday hit, making her the perfect choice for Christmas-themed events.

In addition, Judy has performed twice by request for President Bill Clinton, been honored for her work with children by the NH State Senate, visited Kenya twice to work with the children of Nyumbani Orphanage, and received many other honors, not the least of which is her 2011 Grammy nomination.

Your entire school will be delighted with Judy Pancoast.  She's the one the teachers always request for a return engagement!

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