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Phone: (302)834-6665
For grades: Pre K-5
Fees for live visit: $250.00 plus travel expense
Funding: Drug Free Funds


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Students enjoyed the interaction and were having so much fun they didn't realize they were learning! Your encouragement to the students to believe in themselves has already had an effect.
--- Linda Graham, Early Elementary Administrator, Delaware

Broad Creations presents Peg and the Pip Squeaks, Making Choices. Children participate as the Pip Squeaks during a 45 minute interactive presentation of fun and learning to make choices for: self acceptance, problem solving, healthy living, determination, self control, peer pressure and more. Skills learned will build self esteem and promote respect for others. Children sing with the catchy tunes which will be remembered long after the music has faded. Life lessons are learned that help children to just say no to drugs and other unhealthy behaviours and attitudes in life. Program highlights include John Boy, one of several puppets; The Sel Fish Get Fried; Loud Voice, Soft Voice(self control); Did You Ever Wish(self acceptance); Remember Your Manners. Every child has potential and I highlight ideas of possibility in their life. By sharing original songs/stories the children will realize they have a choice to be all that they can be in life no matter who they are. Making Choices teaches Life Skills (self-esteem/conflict resolution/ problem solving) that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives.
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I am a trained stage performer, professional clown and freelance writer. I have written several children's stories and original songs. I have over 200 articles published as a contributing writer. Winner of "The People's Choice," award for storytelling at the Kingdom Karactors Conference, April 1997. Continuing education in communication to teach lessons of conflict resolution and positive problem solving. I am the 7th of 14 children which gives me a unique ability to relate to various personalities.
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