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Phone: (865) 436 0908 Gatlinburg
For grades: primary, middle school, teacher training
Fees for live visit: $500 per day


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I have never heard a storyteller, but the way she told the story..was like she was talking about me. I pictured myself in that story.
--- a prison inmate in a large storyimaging group

Sample Programs Spiced with Stories:

  • Story Imaging --a way of using stories to access feelings (for all ages)
  • Storytelling and recovery: head injuries, strokes, trauma, addictions
  • Storytelling and silence: how to connect with others as a speaker
  • Mistakes: our life lessons and their stories (based on her dissertation)
  • Stories of feisty women (nuns, school teachers, moms)
  • Folk tales (Japanese, Korean, Jewish, Appalachian, Native American, Irish, British, Nigerian)
  • Special needs students as our teachers.

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For over 20 years Tina Alston has worked as a storyteller in educational, healing, and performing roles. Appearances include: Radio BBC, Festivals and workshops in Liverpool, Wales, and Shropshire (U.K.), NSA Festival Exchange Tent, Head Start Training, Charlottesville Festival, SOS in Atlanta, National Storytelling Conference, Chicago Aids Caregivers Conference, Southeast School for Addictions Counselors. Publishing credits include a book Storyimaging: A Way of Accessing Feelings, Memories, and Points of View and a chapter in the book, The Legacy of Vietnam Veterans and Their Families, published by the Agent Orange Class Assistance Program.

A former teacher, professor, and counselor, Tina holds a doctorate from Vanderbilt University in Developmental Psychology. She is certified facilitator Speaking Circles - a method of training people to become more effective speakers.

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"Connecting Schools and Performers"
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