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Phone: 603/431-1077
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: Vary with different productions and can adapt to suit the facility. Contact the artist.
Fees for live visit: Performances - $300-$2250. Fees vary for workshops, lecture-demonstrations, and residencies from $150 to $300 per artist.
Funding: Special funding available through: New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.
(603) 271-2789


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Here Comes Trouble features Brer Rabbit trickster tales and the Myth of Pandora.

Mr. Bear & Co. stars the life-sized Mr. Bear in environmental stories and skits.

In Coyote, Crow & Buffalo,Nootka, the talking totem pole, invites audience members to assist in telling Native American tales.

Trashworld is an environmental musical designed for community participants or middle and junior high school students.

Community Residency Activities: Different shows are designed for pre-school through junior high audiences. All shows are suitable for family concerts. Pat and David are particularly interested in intergenerational projects that bring together a variety of different age groups. To present Trashworld, Ha'penny Theatre rehearses with 30 or more community members and/or students who take on performance roles. Puppetry workshops and lecture-demonstrations are offered to professionals such as librarians, teachers, and counselors as well as to students.
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Puppeteers Pat Spalding and David Tassler skillfully combine humor and drama with educational content to create original productions for school and family audiences. Large and small puppets, costume characters and shadow figures interact with masked actors and student performers to animate stories.

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