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Phone: 603/436-6660
For grades: K-12



Performances (assembly programs, studio performances, and full productions), lecture demonstrations, workshops (on theater or natural body language), residencies, and master classes. Forty-minute assembly programs composed of scenes drawn from Pontine's Plays of New England repertoire are available for school-aged audiences.

School Residency Activities: A residency opens with a performance for the entire school as an introduction to movement theater and non-verbal communication skills. Workshops for general classes and core groups explore body language in daily life and in the actor's craft. Core groups choreograph original work around a curriculum theme, poetry, or an autobiographical story and culminate the residency with a performance for classmates and the community.

For grades: All ages. Core group activities more appropriate for 4th grade and up.

Geographic Area Served: All.

Teacher and Adult/Child Workshops: Understanding non-verbal communication workshops are available.

Community Residency Activities: Assembly programs, full performances, lecture-demonstrations, and workshops can be adapted to any audience.

Fees: Performances - $500-$1,500; Workshops - $350-$500; Master Classes - $350 - $500; residencies negotiated individually.

Special Requirements: 20' x 20' performing area with clean wood floor, electrical outlet backstage, proscenium style seating.

Special funding available through: New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.
(603) 271-2789
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Over the past eighteen years, Pontine has toured extensively, performing and teaching at universities, public and private schools, community theatres, festivals, conferences, and for the media.

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