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Phone: 603/654-2387
For grades: K-12


Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer »

Performances, lecture-demonstrations, workshops, collaborative programs

and master classes.

School Residency Activities: Jayne Persch (& Company) teaches classical and contemporary movement and dance, blending rhythm with basic motor skills of running, skipping, jumping, hopping, leaping and turning, emphasizing the sculpting of space through movement and the coloring of space in the textures and tones of music, rhythm and spoken words and the "charging" of space through nonverbal communication and emotional expression. Self-respect and individual awareness are primary. Most residencies are inter-disciplinary, reinforcing curriculum through integrating the arts as an alternative educational tool. Each school will create their individual closure to the project. Residencies are designed to enhance and support curriculum, to teach social skills and attitudes and reinforce personal integrity and social awareness.

For grades: K-12.

Geographic Area Served: Prefer areas one hour from Wilton, NH. Will consider all with accommodations.

Teacher and Adult/Child Workshops: Will be designed to reinforce the in-school residencies by demonstrating the how of the residency: how we will teach math, science, language arts--curriculum through the arts.

Special funding available through: New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.
(603) 271-2789
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Jayne Persch, former dancer with American Ballet Theater in New York and the Royal Ballet in London, brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and a deep sense of love for her art to her dancers and collaborating artists, students, audiences and educators. She has been honored by the National Association of Science Teachers for her creative collaboration with schools using dance and music as as alternative learning tool in teaching science, math and language arts. Ms. Persch has been recognized by the Carlisle Project and was a finalist for a NH State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship in Dance in 1993. Most recently, she has been asked to work with the National Dance Council of Ireland to establish a nation-wide dance education program for the country. Additionally, the Quercus Foundation in southern France has invited her to perform her choreography originally presented at the Festival OFF D'Avignon, where she was one of seven American choreographers presented at the Theater Golovine. Ms. Persch has been called a master teacher able to weave educational and social concepts into a living fabric for both pictorial and sequential learning. She is available both as an individual artist/performer or in collaboration with other artists through Jayne Persch & Company.

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