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Phone: 802/685-3157.


Dancer/Fiber Artist »

: Performances, lecture-demonstrations, family "playshops," master classes, residencies.

School Residency Activities: Tracy likes to relate her work to other curricula, especially in dance, to promote habitual use of creative movement beyond her residency. Process rather than product is the orientation of dance residencies, with an informal "sharing" at the end. After longer residencies, a more formal performance can be presented. Tracy has daily "open studios" when students can observe her rehearsing or creating new works. The textile program begins with a slide show of Tracy's work. Students learn to net while making individual pieces, followed by design and construction of a collaborative project. After installation of the work or performance, an opening is held to honor the student artists, taking them through the entire process from conception to reception.

For grades: All.

Geographic Area Served: All.

Teacher and Adult/Child Workshops: Teacher participation with the students is always encouraged, as is a workshop to give teachers simple tools for their own classroom use. Family classes are also great fun, designed to get everybody moving in a non-threatening, non-competitive way.

Special funding available through: New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.
(603) 271-2789
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Tracy Penfield began dancing while earning a Weaving and Textile Design degree from the University of Utah. The two artforms are now integrated in her performance ensemble, Pendium, with choreography, sets and costumes of Tracy's creation. Each residency is a journey unto itself. For dance "journeys", Tracy has developed a unique blend of basic technique and exploration of expressive movement. "Vocalmotion" integrates breath, voice and body. Individual and group work allow for a range of private and collaborative experiences, and illuminates the cultural diversity that exists within any community. For textile "travels", Tracy invites students or any age group to explore the ancient technique of knot-less netting. A simple, meditative method, netting can be taught to any age group. Possible residency projects include the creation of netted sets and/or costumes for school drama productions or fiber sculpture for installation at a school or community site.

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