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Phone: 603/934-5012
For grades: K-12


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: Lecture-demonstrations, workshops, master classes, residencies.

School Residency Activities: Residencies are designed to fit each school's needs. Program options include one-on-one projects using prepared splints highlighted with strips of hickory, elm or birch bark or group projects such as working on basket panels. Using local materials, students can create panels to be assembled into functional items such as recycling basket bins or room and space dividers. This introduces students to an array of native materials of different textures, design and color from cattails, spruce roots, barks from elm, hickory, birch and black ash trees. Materials can be supplied by the artist or gathered and prepared by students. Projects range from basic steps in weaving basket mats for younger students to more detailed weavings and rim and handle making for older students.

For grades: Grades K-12.

Geographic Area Served: All, with travel and per diem considerations.

Teacher and Adult/Child Workshops: The workshops would be an introduction to the history and traditional methods used in making a basket from a tree. Projects would be included to fit into the time frame.

Community Residency Activities: Alice would offer workshops and demonstrations for such groups as colleges, senior centers, historical societies, extension groups, schools, camps, elder hostels, adult ed. classes, community action programs, or any community group. Programs capture a wide audience from retired people to small children.

Special funding available through: New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.
(603) 271-2789
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Alice has been a basketmaker 18 years. The materials she uses are not "store bought" but gathered and harvested from local areas of NH. She uses the traditional methods of stripping off the layers of growth rings from Black Ash trees to supply her with basket splints. In 1995 Alice was a recipient of a regional artist fellowship from the New England Foundation for the Arts. She is a long time member of the League of NH Craftsmen, annually demonstrating at their fair in Sunapee where she won the "Best in Traditional Design Award" in 1991. Alice was asked to have her work on the White House Christmas tree as part of the "Year of the American Crafts 1993." Alice has been featured on the Boston TV magazine show Evening Magazine and her work has appeared in The Boston Globe, New Hampshire Profiles, and the 1995 Directory of Traditional Crafts in Early American Life magazine."My craft is a way of life. I enjoy sharing and keeping alive the history and culture of this once forgotten early New England tradition."

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