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Phone: 802/254-8994.
For grades: K-12


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Performances, workshops, storytelling courses, master classes, and residencies.

School Residency Activities: Becky brings a focus on active listening and imaginative and descriptive telling into classrooms. Her residencies vary to suit school goals and the ages of the core group of children. "If you can talk, you can tell a story," and Becky first engages students as listeners to some of her storytelling repertoire. In some cases, she works with students to create, develop, and tell their own stories. Other residencies highlight seasons, cultures, folk tales, or authors.

For grades: All. Becky is especially interested in cross-age residencies.

Geographic Area Served: All.

Teacher and Adult/Child Workshops: Both teacher in-service and family workshops are available. Each one lasts approximately one hour, and can be repeated several times in a longer residency.

Community Residency Activities: Performances in libraries, schools, day care centers, senior centers, churches, synagogues. Workshops at any of the same sites for teachers, parents, seniors, children, mixed ages. She can also lead singing games, workshops for teachers or families and family dances.

Fees: Performances - $250-$600; Workshops - $150+; Residencies - negotiable.

Special Requirements: Undisturbed, quiet performing area. Contact artist.

Special funding available through: New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.
(603) 271-2789
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With a smile, a song, and a whisper, Becky Graber brings enchanted worlds to life for listeners from pre-schoolers to their great-great grandparents. Becky tells a wide variety of stories--originals, folk tales, and modern fiction--to age specific and family audiences. A classically trained honky tonk pianist, she often includes music in her shows, engaging listeners with accordion, piano, voice, and horn. Becky has a particular knack for involving people of all ages in the art of storytelling as both listeners and tellers and is active in arts education and literacy programs throughout New England.

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