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Phone: 800-669-9850
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: Stage space of 12' X 16' with 9' ceiling clearance. We provide our own lighting and sound equipment.
Fees for live visit: contact Encore Performing Arts, Inc. for latest fees in your region.
Funding: Crabgrass Puppet Theatre is on the CT and VT State Council of the Arts Touring Rosters, and may be eligible for funding in other New England States as well.


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Truly outstanding in all regards. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed. The set, scenery and puppets were amazing. Highly entertaining - a crowd pleaser!
--- Beach School, Wallingford, CT

1. JACK AND THE BEANSTALK is a hilarious retelling of the tallest of tales.  

Sent to the market to sell his old cow, Jack returns home with a measly handful of beans. Jack is in disgrace until. . . the beans become a beanstalk, the beanstalk leads to adventure, and Jack has a chance at fame and fortune. All he has to do is outwit a very hungry giant!  Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents the tallest of tales full of fun and loaded with laughs.  This innovative and exciting solo performance is a feast of visuals and sound, with a stunning stage, big and beautiful puppets, a rhyme-spouting giant, a marvelous growing beanstalk, and a delightful musical score.

2. HAIKU, HIPHOP AND HOTDOGS weaves favorite children’s poems into a seamless tapestry of art and entertainment for all audiences. View the natural world through a child’s eye in “Every Time I Climb a Tree!” Imagine a symphony composed entirely by the swimming of “The Goldfish!” Thrill to the exploits of aerodynamic sausages in “Fearless Flying Hotdogs!” Dance with the “Funky Snowman!” “Keep a Poem in Your Pocket” and – above all – “Do Not Approach an Emu!” The poems of Jack Prelutsky, Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, David McCord, Geoff Hewitt and others are featured in this exciting creation from the award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre.

3.  THE DAY IT SNOWED TORTILLAS is a delightful Mexican Folktale in which creative thinking is the key ingredient that helps a poor couple outwit a gang of bullies when a poor woodcutter and his wife have the chance of a lifetime - to become rich! All they have to do is keep a secret...something the woodcutter simply can't do. His clever wife cooks up an ingenious plan, and all she needs to do is make it snow -in July - in Mexico! The recipe for this hilarious folktale presented by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre, includes fantastic puppets, marvelous music, and one very funny chicken! Perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month and Cinco de Mayo!
 4. ANANSI, SPIDERMAN OF AFRICA is a side-splitting selection of famous folktales from Africa starring Anansi the Spider, whose appetite always overrules his intellect. Anansi loves to eat and hates to work. He tries to trick other animals out of their food, but there is no free lunch for Anansi. All of his schemes leave him hungrier than ever! These hilarious stories are brought to life by the Crabgrass Puppet Theatre with a dynamic blend of traditional African design, infectious music and fabulous puppetry design.

5. MR. PUNCH'S CHRISTMAS CAROL combines Charles Dickens' original story with the English Punch and Judy puppet traditions. Beautifully crafted puppets tell the tale of the man who hated Christmas and put profits before people. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents a fast -paced and funny holiday show with all the trimmings!


CRABGRASS SPROUTS PRODUCTIONS: Sprouts productions are smaller, one-person shows especially designed for smaller spaces and smaller audiences. They are most appropriate for venues like libraries, camps, preschools and small schools.


A swashbuckling pirate and princess adventure!

A pirate's life isn't all "yo-ho-ho and a bottle of grog," ya know.

But it's worth it when ya haul in that treasure chest . . . but the

treasure in this chest happens to be a princess . . . a princess who

doesn't even believe you're a pirate! And how do you prove you're a

real pirate? Arrgh. Well, ya start with a whole lot o' mattresses. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre's new show is filled with sharks and side-splitting action!



Can a tortoise win a tug of war with a mighty elephant? Can a tiny mouse help an enormous lion? Can a jackal outwit a terrifying tiger twice his size? Find out as Crabgrass Puppet Theatre travels around the globe to tell stories that show even the small and weak can have a big impact on the world.  With beautiful puppets and their signature hilarious style, the award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents tales from Africa, Asia and Europe that will inspire and enthrall children of all sizes.

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Crabgrass Puppet Theatre was founded in 1982 by Jamie Keithline and Bonny Hall in San Francisco and have delighted audiences across the nation with their whimsical humor and puppetry. Now residents of Halifax, Vermont, they continue to tour throughout the U.S., performing in schools, museums and theaters. Their performing venues have included the Detroit Institute of Art, the Smithsonian, Paper Mill Playhouse, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and dozens of regional and national puppetry festivals. In 2001 Jamie and Bonny were honored by their peers when their production Anansi, Spiderman of Africa! was awarded an UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence, the highest honor in American puppetry. This honor was repeated in 2005 with the receipt of a second UNI award for The Bremen Town Musicians. In 2008, Bonny received a Commendation for Design in the Puppet Theatre by the Arlyn Award Foundation for The Day It Snowed Tortillas. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre continues to perform more than 200 shows each year, reaching over 100,000 people throughout the U.S.

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