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Phone: 800-669-9850
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: self-contained
Fees for live visit: contact Encore Performing Arts, Inc. for latest fees in your region.
Funding: Rick's social issues programs can often be funded with Drug Free grant money. Also, Rick Adam is on the Maine State and New England Foundation on the Arts Touring Rosters.


Social issues theatre; vaudeville »

His uncanny ability to both educate and delight, share and learn, and provoke both laughter and tears for all ages is evident throughout.
--- Kennebunk Middle School, Kennebunk, ME

1. "SHAKIN' UP SHAKESPEARE". Literature is brought to life, with a focus on teen issues of today.This enlightening program explores the world of Shakespeare. Equipped with an electric guitar and his arsenal of stage skills, Rick translates into modern times, works of the Master. He shares his personal story of how, at 18, he went from the streets to the stage. Students will get to examine ageless teen themes of love, family, peer pressure, honesty, and discover that the "Old Bard" still rocks, raps, and rules!

2. "A JOURNEY THROUGH ADDICTION" (for grades 5-12) uses original music, drama, mime, special effects, and vaudeville to present a compelling autobiographical theatre production exploring alcoholism, drug dependency, eating disorders, teen suicide, and self-destructive attitudes. Rick Adam's effective performance touches the heart while tickling the funny bone, as he offers tools for solving problems, making healthy choices, and building self-esteem.

3. "SOUND CHOICES" (for grades K-6) uses a unique combination of original songs, hand shadows, circus arts, and audience participation to take a caring look at growing up and believing in one's self. This spellbinding performance boosts self-esteem, and empowers children to make positive choices regarding smoking, drinking, drug use, and resolving conflicts.

4. "RESOLVING RAGE" (for grades 5-12) provides the audience with tools to control tempers, relieve frustration, resist peer pressure, and celebrate differences. He effectively delivers his message by creating an emotional bond with his audience, using original songs, contemporary music, personal experiences, and theatrical techniques.

5. "BE COOL, BE SAFE" (K-6) is a positive solution to bullying and violence for the elementary school child. Using original music, circus stuff, and audience participation, this dynamic and informative program will help empower children to make positive choices regarding bullying, taming tempers, preventing abuse and violence, resisting peer pressure, and celebrating differences.

6. "RED'S RECYCLE-O-RAMA" (K-6) offers fun-loving tips on how and why to recycle, reuse, and reduce. Through this ingenious, high energy performance, discover creative and concrete ways that your home and community can become more planet friendly.

7. "THE ONE-MAN PARADE" is a zany vaudeville with magic, juggling, hand shadows, music, comedy and audience participation.

8. "HOLIDAY VAUDEVILLE" is a fun-filled winter variety show with original songs about snow and winter, plus magic, juggling, hand shadows, comedy, and audience participation.

9. "CIRCUS OF SUCCESS" (all grades)In these interactive workshops, students will not only learn the fun of the new skill of juggling, or the creative expression of hand shadows, they will also learn about mapping personal goals, positive self-imaging, building self-esteem, and overcoming stage fright. They make a wonderful companion to the performances, or they can stand on their own.

10. WORKSHOPS are available to go with any of the above performances. Contact our office for details.
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RICK ADAM has been performing, teaching, and inspiring people of all ages for over 20 years. He has combined his extensive theatrical and musical experience and training with his own life experience to create original theatrical performances that both educate and entertain. Adam has toured widely, from elementary schools to colleges, to maximum security prisons, Rhode Island to Russia. The Boston Children's Museum described him as "the best performer ever!" His unique one-man band was featured on PBS-TV, and a video is in the Smithsonian Institute's permanent collection.

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