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Phone: (615) 834-3680
For grades: Music Technology; all grades.Composition; grades 3-12
Requirements for live visit: a one hour setup time is required
Fees for live visit: Multiple same day sessions, block booking, and various length residencies
Funding: inquire


Music Technology/World Percussion »

I cannot offer enough praise for this remarkable program
--- Ass't. Princ. Erenstine Adams

1. Music Technology meets World Percussion: Rhythms and Sounds from various countries are introduced through Hands On performances and interaction (duets/ensembles) using authentic instruments (doumbeck, Udu, Bata, etc.) and MIDI technology (Zendrum, Keys, Computer). Music of Africa (Ghana, Nigeria), Brazil, Cuba, India, Egypt, Australia, New-Age Jazz. Over 50 instruments. (40-50 minutes/all ages/study guides)

2. Composition with Computers: Introduces the Art of songwriting through technology and MIDI. The traditional elements of music are taught through song composition, computer terminology and real-time hands on learning. Students work as a team of composers with the end result being a creation of their own (Song Form, ABAA, ABAB). Various Styles of music; Pop, Urban, Ethnic, Soundtrack, etc.
(40-50 minutes/grades 3-12 study guides)
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Zig is an award winning instructor with The PAS and Larrie London Scholarship. He is a committee member of The Mars Music Foundation and his studies include YSU and MIT. Credentials include; Modern Drummer Magazine, VH-1, NAMM, Save the Music, Terminator2, For the Boys, Comedy Central, Bob McGrath from Sesame St., Torrance Symphony, TNN, FOX, Sabian/Vic Firth Clinician, Chonda Pierce, TN. Arts Commission, SAF, and The Animal Band.

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