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Phone: 603-672-2896
For grades: K - 8
Requirements for live visit: Self Contained, just need electrical outlet.
Fees for live visit: One 45 min. to 1 hour presentation or workshop $300.00 Half day a same site $450.00 Full day at same site $650.00 Discount for multiple days and block bookings.
Funding: Often local technology firms are willing to sponsor Techsploration.


Science/Technology Educator/Performer »

Our class loved your presentation and talked about it all day! It really got them thinking. Thanks so much for a super hour.
--- Teacher, Washington Street School, Penacook NH

Techsploration programs are designed to introduce elementary and middle school students to technology, science, math and problem solving in a fun and exciting way. School programs include your choice of large group presentations and related individual classroom workshops.

Large Group Presentations ( 45 to 60 min. long)
Simple Machines Made Fun

Using a twelve foot lever, huge gears and pulleys, a catapult and lots of laughs we teach the basics of simple machines.
Way to Keep Things Moving
Using rockets, jet cars, a hovercraft, a hot air balloon and a remote controlled blimp we demonstrate the basic principals of flight and the history of transportation.
Why Buildings Don't Fall Down
We use a ten foot truss bridge, a suspension bridge, a large block arch, slides, juggling and balloon tying to demonstrate basic building principles.

Classroom Workshops
( 45 to 60 min. long )
All workshops include worksheets , that incorporate grade appropriate math skills, to extend the concepts taught to real-life problem-solving situations.
Gearing Up For Speed (accompanies Simple Machines Made Simple)
Students use gears, belts and pulleys to build a transmission for their motor driven cars. They then test them to see how the work with different gear combinations.
Little Bridges Falling Down ( accompanies Why Building Don't Fall Down)
Students design and build their own wooden truss bridge and then evaluate their design by destructively testing them.
Mag Lev - Trains of the Future (accompanies Way to Keep Things Moving) Students design and build their own magnetic levitation racer and race them on a dual electronically timed mag-lev track. A great problem solving workshop.
Up Up and Away (accompanies Way to Keep Thing Moving) Students design and build their own air water rockets and launch them. They then use grade appropriate math skills to determine how high their rocket went and to evaluate their designs.

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Tom Wahle is a certified technology education teacher and father of two elementary-aged children, has 10 years of classroom teaching experience. He has a BS degree in education, specializing in technology education, industrial arts and science education. In addition, Tom has been entertaining kids at summer camps and parties for many years. His presentations have been enthusiastically received by K-8th grade students and teachers all around New England, both for their educational content and their entertainment value.
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