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Phone: (615) 252-6953
For grades: Pre-K to College Level/Seniors
Requirements for live visit: Preferrable outdoor courtyard or large space with access to outdoors.
Fees for live visit: $250 per session, negotiable. Generous multiple session discounts.
Funding: Qualifying organizations (who serve at - risk populations)can recieve up to 50% discount.


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The people with Pets For PEACE were significant in providing an avenue for our children to learn respect and awe for all of the earth's creatures.

Regular or one time visitations are available from our staff of animal and human therapists. We are capable of providing every degree of participation whether it be informal visitations or regular therapy session with objectives, goals and a thorough treatment plan. Empathy and responsibility are taught through opportunities for participants to mingle with and understand the sanctity of all life. We teach on the life and legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver who talked openly to all of God's creatures, without concern for what people think. Dr. Carver rose to become the worlds most famous plant doctor and agricultural chemist creating over 300 products from the peanut and 200 products from the sweet potato. Verbal skills are encouraged by participants active involvement and participation in discussing former and current relationships they've had with family and friends pets and plants.
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Pets for PEACE (Pets Enhancing At-risk Children's Environments) gives hope and inspires children to embrace the beauty and magnificence of all creatures, including plants. Beginning sessions includes visitations with hardy hermit crabs and more tolerant species. The group graduates up to handling delicate species such as preying mantids and kittens. Fine and gross motor skills are developed by grooming, walking and talking to and with the animals. Our assortment of trained dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, silky chickens, exotic pigeons and more enjoy their positions as therapists and work hard at pleasing the children. We learn about threatened and endangered species and what we all can do to promote an eco friendly relationship with the earth and all her creatures. We visit schools, churches, community centers, senior centers, daycares and campuses. All participants, from 6 to 60, gain a sense of inter connectedness and reverence for all creatures, including winged ones, rooted ones, cuadrapeds and bipeds.
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