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Phone: 412 521-6406
For grades: k-12, college
Requirements for live visit: Depends on program. Sound system for large programs
Fees for live visit: Varies by program and travel distance. From $150 and up.


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Time after time, Alan Irvine has proven to be a master storyteller as well as an exceptional teacher of the art of storytelling.
--- -Drucie Weirauch, The School of The Carnegie

Join Storyteller Alan Irvine and journey into adventure. Hide from vengeful ghosts. March with rebellious Whiskey Boys. Wrestle angry giants. Drive steel with John Henry. Explore Ireland and Turkey, Africa and Iceland, Frontier America and worlds of magic and wonder! Alan Irvine brings his stories to life with dramatic performances, weaving enchantment from gesture and voice, evocative description, extraordinary characters. With a repertoire of hundreds of stories from around the globe, Alan can weave a program to fit any needs, any audience, any occasion.
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Alan began telling stories as a camp counselor, telling tales around the bonfire. He moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 1984 and continued to tell stories, expanding his repertoire over the years. He performs at elementary, middle, high schools, colleges and universities throughout the year. He has appeared at storytelling festivals, science fiction conferences, Shakespearean plays, churches, renaissance festivals and museums. He has released three audiotapes of stories and edits the storytelling journal Works In Progress.
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