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Phone: 1-800-5-CAMFEL
For grades: 6-12
Requirements for live visit: Auditorium, Gymnasium or Multi-purpose room.
Fees for live visit: Price is $595.00 for two showings. Price may vary depending on schools, number of days, etc. Call for details.


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Excellent. One of the only assemblies where everyone thought it was teriffic. Our staff and students have always been impressed with Camfel.
--- Pam Pfister, Omro, WI

Each Camfel assembly tours the country for 2 years. You can decide which assembly you would like based on what would best suit the needs of your students at that time.


Our current program is titled IT'S MY LIFE. Our newest three-screen multi-media assembly program focuses on the desire to be in control. The power to choose for ourselves comes as we mature and become capable of making the right decisions. But too often we don't want to wait to earn that power. In our effort to gain control, we bully others to get what we want, rebel against authority or start experimenting with tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

IT'S MY LIFE will enforce the idea that we are responsible for the choices we make. Students will discover that their choices affect who they are, what they will become, and how others view them.

IT'S MY LIFE is a high-energy multi-media adventure designed to challenge students to consider the responsibility and consequences of their choices and how those choices affect others.


Our other program, QUEST FOR RESPECT, focuses on the attitudes that build up cliques and tears down confidence. Teens will discover that respect isn't something you just get, it's something you earn.

QUEST FOR RESPECT is a 40 minute multi-media experience filled with true-life examples of teens who will challenge your students to look beneath the surface and define their own character. Students will begin to recognize that the pursuit of respect is a lifelong journey, sustained and proven by their actions each and every day.
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Camfel Productions has produced award-winning three-screen multi-media assembly programs for 30 years. Using top-of-the-charts music and exciting visual images, a Camfel assembly is nothing short of awesome. Its unique use of media is blended perfectly to create a balance of high energy and educational importance.

Camfel performs assemblies for schools nationwide with an audience in excess of 2 million students! We have performed for many different schools, organizations and groups and at many different venues. We are members of many state's Activity Director's organizations and are a member of NASSP-The National Association of Secondary School Principals and the NASC-National Association of Student Councils. An elementary version of each of our current assembly progarams is now available.

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