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Phone: 828-280-2718
For grades: K-12, Adults and families
Requirements for live visit: a stand microphone and a cup of water.
Fees for live visit: begin at $300.
Funding: Support available through NC Arts COuncil Touring Artist program and via Durham, NC, Arts Council CAPS program.


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David Novak embodies the definition of creativity. He is an entirely original storyteller whose tales are inventions of his imagination or adaptations of classic fables or myths.
--- LA Music Center

A storytelling program, 45-60 minutes in length, consisting of 4-5 stories. Included in the program are original stories and adaptations from a variety of folklore, mythology and literature. The program will involve theatrical storytelling often including audience participation.

This versatile performing artist reaches across the generations to bring his listeners together around the storyteller's fire. A master of literary collage, David Novak has referred to his style of storytelling as "aerobics for the mind" in an age oversaturated with images from electronic media. He animates his telling: contrasting simplicity with complexity, the familiar with the surprising, the ordinary with the fabulous. A red scarf becomes the cast of Red Riding Hood; a balloon turns into the trickster, Raven; a rope becomes the labyrinth of the Minotaur. Verse forms are mixed with prose; formula stories with personal anecdotes; original tales with time-honored classics, weaving the web of human experience.

Each storytelling program is chosen to match the students' age, school curriculum and season of the year.

From the simple power of the spoken word, to the circus high-jinx of a veteran entertainer, David Novak offers a unique program of stories concerning universal themes of imagination, courage, caring and wonder.

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David Novak has been telling stories professionally since 1978. A master of literary collage, Mr. Novak has referred to his style of storytelling as "aerobics for the mind" in an age oversaturated with electronic media. He comes to platform narration with a background in theatre arts including Shakespeare, clowning, creative dramatics, playwriting, and directing.

Mr. Novak has three times been featured at the National Storytelling Festival. He is a cofounder of the innovative National Yakkers Theatre Ensemble; and co-creator of The Storyteller's Compass, a new method of "narrative wayfinding."

He has performed at numerous festivals including the Timpanogos Festival, Tejas Festival, Oklahoma City's Winter Tales Festival, Hawaiian Talking Island Festival, San Juan Capistrano Festival, Northern Appalachian Festival, and Sierra storytelling festivals. He has been keynote speaker for numerous library and educational conferences. His aesthetic education programs have found audiences across the country at the Lincoln Center Institute, the Los Angeles Music Center On Tour, the Aesthetic Education Institutes in Rochester and Utica, NY, Delaware Institute or Arts Education, San Diego Institute and Young Audiences. He has been guest instructor for the University of San Diego, International Storytelling Institute, Oklahoma Arts Institute, and Walt Disney Imagineering.

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