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Phone: 215-842-9467
Fees for live visit: $800 - $1200
Funding: Discounts are applied for additional same day performances at the same school or within the district.


The Give & Take Jugglers

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It was my idea of the perfect assembly.
--- Betty Mayer, 1st Grade Teacher, Kingston School, Camden County, NJ

There's a reason why for over 40 years Give and Take gets asked back again and again. The highly interactive, comedic show uses traditions from vaudeville, circus arts, theater, and music to create a lively and wholesome performance that feels fresh and contemporary. Give and Take's school assemblies highlight the importance of persistence, teamwork, a positive attitude, making good choices, and self-efficacy.


Give and Take Juggling Show


Give and Take's tried and true assembly program is charming, playful, comedic, and whitty. Audience participation is central to the performance, and student volunteers leave the stage feeling successful and empowered. The performers engage students from start to finish, without getting them overly hyped up before sending them back to their classrooms. Often teachers comment that they enjoyed the performance as much as their students and express their amazement at how the show captured their students' interest and attention.


The show's length and content can be tailored to fit your needs, and the show can be adapted to most venues.The Give and Take Juggling Show requires a stage or floor space measuring no less than approximately 18 feet across and 18 feet deep and a power outlet. The performers supply their own sound equipment. Height of ceiling is not an issue; the show can be adapted to any height.


Give and Take presents THE LITTLE CIRCUS


The Give & Take Jugglers present The Little Circus, a show featuring aerial acrobatics, fabric, trapeze, juggling, and tight wire. The show is infused with the warmth, humor, and audience participation for which Give & Take is known, and is a consistent hit with children and adults alike.


Part of the charm of The Little Circus is encountering many of the elements of a much larger circus production in a familiar space. The show transforms the gymnasium, field, or auditorium with backdrops, banners, and rigging, creating a circus atmosphere that people react to before the show even begins.


The Little Circus requires a rectangular space measuring no less than 22 feet across the front by 28 feet deep, with a free and clear vertical space of 19 feet. School gymnasiums are often a perfect fit. All that is required is a source of electricity and an audience.


The Little Circus is fully insured, and a policy certificate is available upon request.


A Few Testimonials

"Loved, loved, loved the performance today at Monroe Elementary! The kids were so excited. I think this was our best assembly all year!"
Julie Weller, Monroe Elementary, Boiling Springs, PA


"I recommend Give & Take without any reservation whatsoever."
Brother Kevin Finnegan, Principal, St. Augustine of Canterbury, Middlesex County, NJ


"I have never been so thoroughly entertained."
Gretchen Sencindiver Vare, Director of Public Relations, Stratford Friends School, Delaware County, PA


"Your interactions with the children were the highlight of the day. Needless to say, the children, as well as the adults, were just thrilled."
Carol & Jerry Shields, MDs, Wills Eye Hospital


"You and your company are all to be congratulated for providing such high quality entertainment. Even more than the juggling feats, the interaction with and involvement of the audience are what bring the crowds and keep them engaged until the end of each performance."
Pat Lesko, Co-Chair, Tinicum Arts Festival

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The Give and Take Jugglers have enjoyed a wildy successful 40 year career. Founded in 1982, the Give and Take Jugglers got their start busking on the streets of Philadelphia. Since then, they have performed in thousands of schools all along the east coast, in addition to community festivals, fundraisers, and events of all shapes and sizes. The show has expanded to include circus arts of all sorts: wire walking, aerial artistry, puppetry, mime... just to name a few. The Give and Take troupe includes members with advanced degrees in Elementary Education, as well as a Ringling Brother's Clown and a semi-professional tennis player.

The Give and Take Jugglers consistantly get asked back again and again, some 15, 20, even 30 years in a row! Repeat clients include:

  • Pottsgrove High School: 17 years
  • Chichester Middle School: 12 years
  • Sabold Elementary School: 17 years
  • Lakeview Elementary School: 20 years
  • George School: 20 years
  • Penn Charter: 11 years
  • Newtown Friends: 14 years
  • Plymouth Meeting Friends Strawberry Festival: 21 years
  • Princeton Montessori School Family Picnic: 20 years
  • Annenberg Children’s Theater Festival: 19 years
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival: 34 years
  • Mercer Museum Folk Festival: 35 years
  • and many more!

Although they have been honored to appear in countless parades, television shows, and children's theater festivals, the highest accolade they've recieved is after every show, when principals and teachers express their amazement at how their students sat still and attentive for the better part of an hour. What higher praise can you get?

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