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Phone: (865)670-9676
For grades: K-8th grade


Ventriloquist,balloon artist, »

It's a sin to do less than your best.
--- Bob Jones Senior

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Ron Lighty has been doing ventriloquism, balloon art and puppetry for 40 plus years in school assemblies,libraries,family events, birthday parties, fund raisings,banquets, for all ages. Ron knows how to create a show that is age appropriate, not only for entertainment but also educational as well. The show is made up of Jason Basswood the eight year old ventriloquist figure that has behavial problems both at school and at home. Character building problems are solved in a positive way using illustrations and lots of visuals. ABCs of learning is used illustrated with twisted balloons in various ways and means.Patrotism is illustrated with the U.S. Flag. There is lots of participation by the students as well. 

    The types of shows include "Raise the roof in reading ", charactor building, science show, and historical heroes.

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