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Phone: 6102874123
For grades: k-6
Requirements for live visit: see our tech rider at -it's super simple thx
Fees for live visit: $550-$750


America's only full-time Deaf illusionist »

Sam's program was high value entertainment with a Great message! Kids laughed hilariously, were informed about the deaf community and encouraged to keep trying even when obstacles come about in our lives. Sam was hilarious and used students on stage in a fun and engaging way.
--- Ms. Sarah Mansur, PTA Clear Lake Elementary School, Keizer, Oregon

DEAFinitely Magic - a spectacular assembly featuring Sam Sandler, America’s only full time deaf illusionist. 
Sam lost his hearing just 5 years ago and is now a renowned motivational speaker. 
Through his award-winning magic, grand illusions, tons of audience interaction and participation, 
Sam will educate, empower and inspire your students with his story of overcoming his deafness.

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Hailing from Southeastern PA, Sam Sandler has been mystifying and amazing audiences for over 2 decades with his AWARD WINNING magic shows!


In 2005, Sam began to experience hearing loss and learned how to manage it, instead of letting it control his life and goals. In January 2009, a genetic disease called “progressive hearing loss,” soon turned into more than just a slight hearing problem. This disease, which first begins as a minor problem eventually evolved into full-fledged hearing loss. Although now Deaf Sam chose not to give up, working through the difficulties of presenting his show the same way he did prior to going deaf.

Sam accomplished this goal and what might be more magical then the magic itself is watching sam perform and never realizing that he is actually deaf. He has embraced his deafness and created a new show called DEAFinitely Magic. The goal of this show was to both entertain and educate. One version of this show is used to visit schools across America and present a spectacular show teaching about deaf history and culture while inspiring the students to pursue their dreams regardless of what hardships life hands them.


The Hilarious magic of Sam Sandler -America's only full time Deaf illusionist presents a fast paced high energy family fun show filled with hilarious comedy, magic, inspirational message and tons of audience interaction and participation.

With close to 10,000 live performances across the country including multiple appearances at top casinos, the Academy of Music in Philadelphia and over 1500 schools in 41 states. Sam has earned the rank of America’s premier Deaf magician.  Recently named "Close-up Magician of the Year" by the Philadelphia region's Society of American Magicians!


Another magical facet to Sam is being a full-time single dad to his 16 year-old daughter Tessa. Sam cannot imagine a day without his daughter, who he loves forever and a day. 

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Wilder Elementary:
Total Student Engagement! Highly Recommended!...
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Clear Lake Elementary School:
Samís program was high value entertainment with a Great message! Kids laughed hilariously, were informed about the deaf community and encouraged to keep trying even when obstacles come about in our li...
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Wilson Elementary School:
Wonderful Performance! the students, as well as the staff enjoyed the magic and his message....
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Seattle Hill Elementary School:
WE WERE INSPIRED! This was DEAFinitely the best assembly I have seen in 32 years! Every school should hear and see Samís show...
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Donnelly Elementary School:
Excellent! One of the best assemblies we have had. Awesome message and lesson for the the kids and the Deaf education was powerful....
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Wasmer Elementary School:
Sam is amazing. Not only are the students entertained, but they also receive a great lesson on over coming obstacles....
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Sierra Grande Elementary:
Sam was attention getting! It was amazing to see someone so successful over come his Ďdisabilitiesí and challenges. Highly recommended!...
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Early Learning Center:
Great show and Awesome Message! We can't wait to have Sam back next year....
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Joseph City Elementary School:
Great job, Excellent Message! ...
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St. Anthony Elementary School:
This was by far the very best assembly i have ever seen. Teachers were in awe as to how good it was. Amazing magic and powerful Message for our students....
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