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What is
It is by far the largest directory, online or offline, of people who do school shows. Over 1200 listings!  And it is the only directory with all of these features:

* Receive QUOTE REQUESTS from schools. Submit quotes to schools
* Advertise VIRTUAL VISITS that you do through Skype
* Let schools read reviews of your program
* Show your calendar, so schools can preview you
* Show your video and a slide show
* Manage block booking schools

We are #1 on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines. We have consistently been listed as #1 under the top search terms "school shows", "school assemblies" and "school assembly programs".

We now have two directories: Live Visit Directory and Virtual Visit Directory
If you do in-school assembly programs or residencies, you would list on our Live Visit Directory.
If you do virtual visits through SKYPE, you would list on our Virtual Visit Directory.
If you do in-school and virtual visits, you would list on both directories.
More about virtual visits.

What will my listing look like?
It includes everything... your bio, programs, contact info, requirements, funding opportunities, fees, reviews, photos, your video, a slide show, and a link to your own web site. See a sample

What are the options?
You have three options:  a  Live Visit Listing, a Virtual Visit Listing, or both.

Live Visit Listing

$8 per month,
$85 per year,
Virtual Visit Listing

$8 per month,
$85 per year
Both Listings

$12 per month,
$125 per year,

Listings on both directories include:

Blurb on search result pages
Additional  "More Info" Page
Quote Requests
Link to your website
Slide show
Block booking management
Exposure to all states in which you tour

If you are listed in both directories, your listing will show information for both your live visit program and your virtual visit program. If a school searches for virtual visits, your virtual visit program will appear before your live visit program. If a school searches for live visits, your live program will appear before your virtual visit program.

FREE to try
Everyone starts with an online listing that is free for the first 3 months. We're set up this way so that you can try us absolutely risk-free. Your credit card will not be charged until 3 months after you sign-up. You can cancel at anytime.

If you get just one booking, it will more than pay you back.

Can I get more than one listing?
Yes. Only $50 per listing per year for 3 or more listings in either directory. See details.

What are "Quote Requests"?
These are messages from schools announcing that they are interested in booking and asking you to submit a quote. You'll receive these Quote Requests in your email and respond to them on your control panel. Schools will keep track of all received quotes on their control panels, and you can keep track of your submitted quotes on your control panel.  Schools can broadcast these Quote Requests to selected performers, or to all performers who tour their state.

What about reviews?
Schools can submit reviews of you, and you can submit reviews that you have received from schools in your past. All reviews must be approved by you before they are published. This is to prevent any fake or negative reviews from appearing on your listing. More about reviews.

What is "block booking management"?
On your listing, you can offer a block booking discount (for example: $50 off if 2 schools in the same county book the same day). will alert you when schools sign up for your offer, and when your quota has been reached. Read more

Extra features: A performers blog, a directory of showcases, a state-by state directory of funding sources, and a resource guide.

How do I sign up?
Easy. Just click here. for a single listing, or here for multiple listings.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any comments or questions, please email me


Alexis Pittman

P.S. This just makes a lot of sense. Please give it try. There's no expense for the first 3 months, so you really can't lose.

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