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Rick's ability to combine laughter with learning was an ultimate educational experience.
Evansville Art Council

Excellent value-based ideas and valuable learning material.
Charles LaMontagne, Ed. D.

Rick Davis leaves people stunned and enlightened by their unique abilities.
Seacoast Sunday Newspaper

I work with a veteran faculty—and we were constantly commenting on how Rick developed such an extraordinary relationship with the students.  We were very impressed.  Wow—did he have an amazing way with children and adults.  His circus secrets, his warm approach, his knowledge, his sense of humor—truly amazing!!!!!!
Joel Hawes, Principal, Berwick Academy

You're sensational! Your classes were the highlight.

He was absolutely spectacular. All of us just marveled at him.
PA elementary principal

Rick did a wonderful job for us. He worked well with our students and teachers. He was enthusiastic and co-operative, as well as patient. He was a fine example both professionally and personally for everyone here. With his experience we were able to enjoy a wonderful experience throughout the two weeks, and especially the Friday evening performance.
VT elementary school principal

He dazzled teachers and students with his extraordinary stunts, with his gift of capturing the audience's attention, and most of all with his messages.
Kearsage Middle School

Prompt, organized, and professional. We would recommend him without reservation.
MA elementary school teacher

A stupendous job! What a special talent you are! You really give so much.
First Class, Washington, D.C.

Rick was an extremely capable artist who has a vast knowledge of the circus arts. Our school was thrilled with his enthusiasm, and highly recommends him.
NH elementary school teacher

We've had a FANTASTIC residency with Rick Davis. The Belmont Day School may now be 'Mr. Rick's" BIGGEST and most loyal fan!!
Belmont Day School teacher

Having the circus come to school was not traditional classroom learning, but it was a real education for children.
The Burlington Free Press