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School Residency Programs

After-school residency.  In one week, we produce a high quality circus, starring 25 of your students. Tuition paid for by parents so this program is ZERO COST to your PTO/PTA. You raise $1000-$3000 by selling tickets, refreshments, and circus goods. We supply everything: costumes, music, props, the works! Students are introduced to a variety of circus arts, including: juggling, diabolos, devil sticks, plate spinning, tight wire, globe balancing, and “specials”. The final show is a rip-roaring event, and your students learn valuable life lessons. Includes free in-school assembly program.  For grades 3-8

In-school residency.  Entire school participates. Workshops all day, plus all-school assembly. Culminates in all-school performance.  For grades K-8


After-School Program can raise $1000-$3000 for your school!
You actually profit by bringing us to your school. The parents of each participant pay a tuition fee, which covers our fee, so the cost to your organization is zero. You make money in four optional ways:

  • You can charge more per student;
  • You can sell tickets to the show;
  • You can sell refreshments;
  • You can sell circus goods. (We provide the goods, and give you a sales commission)

    The final performance…
    A gala show for the school and parents! An exciting memory and accomplishment for students. Every student chooses their own act, and is given the chance to shine!

    What learning skills and personal values are taught?
    Teamwork…patience…concentration. PLUS – 10 “Circus Secrets”: TRY, TRY AGAIN, TRY A NEW WAY, WATCH, LISTEN, STEP-BY-STEP, GO SLOW, STOP-AND-THINK, GET HELP, and READ. These are learning tools that can be used in any curriculum throughout a student’s life. By the end of the residency, all students will know these strategies and have had experiences using them in action.

    Program meets state standards. See standards met

    Funding… Program cost can be underwritten by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Click here for details.

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    Rick Davis
    PO Box 181
    Temple NH 03084
    TEL: 603.562.6976
    FAX: 509-696-1635

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