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About Block Booking

Block booking is a great way for schools to save money and for performers to get more bookings.

For schools...
Many performers will offer you a discount if you are willing to book the performer on the same date as a nearby school. This is known as "block booking". If a performer has a block booking discount and has entered it on, it will appear on the performer's More Info page. You can sign up for this offer without any obligation to book. When you sign up, a message is sent to the performer, and your school and county are entered on the performer's block booking control panel. When enough schools from your county sign up, the performer is again automatically notified, and the performer will contact you and arrange for the discount to be applied to your school.

After you sign up for a block booking offer, to help reach the quota, you can encourage other schools in your county to sign up. Email-call-facebook-twitter other schools and point them to your favorite performer(s).

For Performers...
You can enter a block booking offer on your More Info page by logging in to your account, and clicking Manage Block Bookings. You will be able to enter your customized block booking offer to schools within the same county. And you will be able to enter the quota of schools required in order to qualify for the discount.

When a school signs up for your offer, an automatic email is sent to you giving you the school's contact information. When your quota of schools has been reached, another email is sent to you, alerting you that your quota has been met.

Then you can contact the schools and contract them, applying the discount. On your Manage Block Bookings panel, you can see all interested schools, their contact info, and their location. You can also edit your offer here.

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