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When I started in 1997, my goal was to create the highest quality and largest directory possible, and to make it extremely affordable. I'm proud to say we have achieved that goal.

I am a school performer myself, and I understand very well the needs of my fellow performers and schools. This has guided my quality quest and resulted in many unique features: "Quote requests", a Virtual Visit Directory where you will find performers who Skype you, Showcase Directory, Funding Sources, Video clips, Calendar listings, block booking management, Articles and Resources, a blog for performers and a blog for schools.

It's important to be large and comprehensive because, think about it -- Would you use a phone book that had only a few names it?

We became large, not only because of our quality, but also because we are affordable. If we had gone for the quick buck by charging a large fee, would have wound up as a small directory, with consequently few schools visiting it, resulting in few gigs for the performers paying those high prices. Instead, we went for long term growth by making our prices affordable, and now we are the largest nationwide directory.

And we have achieved a marketing pinnacle -- We are #1 in Google, Yahoo Search and MSN Search, for the top search terms: "school shows", "school assemblies", and "school assembly programs". This brings a lot of traffic to our site.

Thank you for coming to! We are here to serve you, so don't hesitate to send me your comments and suggestions.


   Rick Davis

"Connecting Schools and Performers"
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